Using a repeating group to search "any field" doesnt work with fields that are of other types

So if I have a table with two fields
One field is desecrition and contains text “hello world”,
The second field is of a different type and can be either “Lorem” or “Ipson” which come from a different table.

When I try and search with the repeating group - I can search for “hello” or “world” but not “Lorem” or “Ipsum”.

Is there a way to make search smarter/deeper?


Thank you for your post! Currently “Any field” will search the fields on that type; it may be possible to build on this by using an operator like “merged with” to allow the repeating group to return results from multiple lists. Let us know if that helps or if you have any more questions!

You can not display data of a different type than what is set on the RG itself.

So if you have two different ‘tables’ or data types you are not able to search for both at the same time in the same RG.

However, if they have fields that are of the same type (say Text for example) you can set your RG to be of type Text and then setup your datasource to search the two different tables and use the merge operator in a way that you search the first type and then merge and search the second type…so long as the data fields types are Text

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Thanks! I actually ended up just creating a hidden field and copying the extra stuff into the field. Im hoping that there is a perf increase this way since the indexers are probably optimized for local fields.

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