RG in RG : Take big RG's data from small RG

Hi fellow bubblers,

In case you don’t know, RG is RepeatingGroup.

I have a big RG, and a small RG nested inside. Say a user clicks an element in small RG, how can the workflow retrieve the thing of big RG’s cell that the small RG is in?


Current Cell’s Thing is usually the way, but it seems like that would end up referencing to your “small” RG current cell instead of the “large” RG current cell. Otherwise you would just reference the “large” RG.

Better to give a bit more detail to what you are actually attempting through screen shots of your app and editor, or make the editor viewable for public to assist.

Provide a bit more detailed description about what data is in each RG etc.

When I first started using Bubble I didn’t get too much assistance until I posted more descriptive posts.

Hi @ikkyu1755!

You can place a group container in the outer rg, and set its content to be the outer cell’s object.

Here’s an example:

The outer repeating group:

A group element in the outer rg current cell:

The inner rg:

And the workflow for a button click event that references the outer rg’s current cell:

Hope that keeps you moving forward!


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