RG loading data even when hidden?

Was looking at my app’s Network logs to measure load time and noticed that almost all my repeating groups are triggering their searches on page load even though they are hidden. I have a single-page app which means there are A LOT of searches so that’s adding about 3 seconds to my load times.

I don’t remember seeing this in the past and native behavior should be to not load the data until it’s visible. Was the logic changed recently or is this a bug? For reference, my app is on the latest version of Bubble with the pre-rendering.

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Repeating groups and even groups will load data/searches even when hidden! This can be useful for some cases where you may want to reference this data in a hidden object.

As you say, if a RG is hidden it won’t load any data.

Unless, that is, you’re referencing the RG’s data in some other visible element.

Are you referring to the hidden RG’s data somewhere else on the page?

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