RG loading slowly

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong here.

I have a RG with a label and an Iframe in each cell. there is a hidden group that with the iframe that stays hidden until activated by button click.

the iframe doesnt show (as it shouldnt) or seem to load the actual iframe content until I show the hidden group. great!

The issue really is that the time to load is incredibly slow.

the page liink is

any input would be appreciated. what’s weird is that the first 2 items populate immediately. the next two populate very late.

What does the data source in the repeating group look like? It might have a lot of filters causing it to take time to fetch data.

There are 4 entries total in the DB (the ones you see in the RG on the right).

The filter is based on a custom state set when the user clicks the course name.

The search compares 1 property only from the Lessons things to To the custom state for a match. It’s a very simple Vlookup basically.

Seems like they should all appear at the same time.

The more complicated fields it needs to search for the longer it’ll take to fetch then display the data.