RG Need to remove entire row from Custom State (Problem with list of number)


I am creating an application that allows you to create compressors (an industrial machine) and choose the parts and number of parts that each of those compressors has.

Example: Compressor 1 - Part 1 (QTY 2), Part 2 (QTY 3)

The DB is configured as follows:
Compressor (Compresores)

Parts (Piezas)

CompresorPart (PiezaCompresor - Intermediate Table)

I managed to create a loop in the frontend so that, when clicking on a + icon, it generates a list in different customs states so that when clicking the Save button, it saves that list in the DB (That works correctly)

The problem I have is that I want to give the user the experience of being able to delete a piece and quantity before saving to the DB, but the following workflow is not working for me:

Do you know how to delete an item from a list that is in a custom state of type number?

Thank you so much

Still reading your issue description, but what caught my eye is that you are referencing Current cells INDEX, not cell’s item in your last screenshot

Thanks for your answer.

looper’s cantidad is a custom state (screenshot)

It is a custom state of type number, therefore, when I indicate :minus item, the current cell item option does not appear.
Apparently, when I choose :minus item current cell index, it looks for the number within the listing and deletes it (if it’s not there, then it doesn’t do anything). What I want is for it to be interpreted as an order, so that it eliminates (for example) the 2nd item

So I see Cantidad is a list of numbers. What do each of those numbers in there represent?

Represents each of the quantities associated with the pieces

When I click on a confirm button (a loop starts) and the first step is to create a new CompressorPart (This is the workflow)