Deleting a thing, will not delete its index from custom state

I have repeating group that shows items from a custom state, when the user deletes an item from the RG (by clicking a delete button in the cell), the item will be deleted from the database, the cell will clear but still stay as an empty cell.

It seems that since it is reflecting from the custom state, the index still stays in place, despite this cells thing being deleted.

I tried “clear list” on the RG, no luck.

Another option would be to “minus item” current cell’s thing from custom state before the delete action, but since this cell reflects the custom state, and now its removed from the custom state, i wont have a “current cell” reference fot deleting.

Hi @cheskiefisch :slight_smile: I have a similar set up and after the delete action, I set the custom state using :filtered (it feels like it shouldn’t work but it does). This changes the custom state to be a list of the Things which haven’t been deleted. Then, to make sure the repeating group displays the newly set custom state correctly, the third action in the workflow resets the group which contains the repeating group. That should work, but let me know if not!


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