RG Not updating after recent Upgrade

Interesting issue… We have RGs that are not updating after the most resent upgrade. In all cases they are hidden and become visible based on conditions. On initial load they show the proper data from the conditional (that is logically true) Search but if hidden and the user updates the related table elsewhere in the app they do not reflect the change once they become visable.

Design issue maybe on our part. The content of the RG is set through conditional statements on the RG itself. We suspect that since the RG is visible but the group that contains it is not the conditions on the RG are not triggered when the RG container Group becomes visible. We did test hiding and then showing the RG in a workflow but this did not work.

Our solution… actually rather simple. Since a workflow is used to show the containing group (actually a reusable element which contains the group) we moved all the RG search conditional logic out of the element and into the initiating workflow. The RG now has no conditions related to content, and the content is determined by Display List steps in the workflow that are conditional (same as before). All is now well in the Bubbleverse again.

This may suggest that using conditionals on RG elements to set content criteria such as various DB Searches is actually poor No Code practice within Bubble that can cause unexpected results. And hence: Conditional content of RGs might be better determined through workflows that are guaranteed to execute.

Look forward to comments and insights.

Interesting. Thanks for sharing.

I wonder if what you are suggesting is the right practice. There are times when RG’s content is determined by other groups’ content. And for that conditionals make most sense as they get executed as and when those content change. Now those contents can change for various reasons, from various sources and at various places. Having to put a workflow to assign RG source at all those places would make it very cumbersome to maintain and error-prone. No?

Assuming I understood what you mentioned, correctly. Please correct me if I misunderstood.

By the way, when you say latest version, you mean Version 21? I had explicitly asked this question whether such things will get affected in version 21 and was told that they won’t be affected. So you should consider filing a bug I think for this.

I have a lot of logic in my application for accessing hidden elements and RG’s data. I just cannot risk that getting broken with this update. So I am going to wait till as late as possible before moving to this version. I really hope Bubble listens and fixes this version by making this feature optional at page level at least.

@mghatiya I can not say for sure exactly when this occurred since we are in final Beta: with only a small team of active testers, so it just got noticed today (not a funny story). All we do know for sure is in our previous release it was not an issue and had already passed QA testing. The “module” (reusable element) in the app had not been changed therefore we believe… sorry I misspoke in the initial post… that it was related to a Bubble change. That said, we have had issues with RG updates in the past not working now and again, but never in this module which is extremely simple.

(The not so funny part). Our President was doing a demo with a potential client in Honduras when it was noticed so it was a bit embarrassing but quickly corrected (10 minutes). It ended up being a positive - demonstrating our ability to resolve issues quickly. So all was forgiven.

As a follow up to my fist post - to all…
Please do not think I am being critical of Bubble regarding their updates and changes. I believe it is impossible to anticipate every possible issue without incurring significant cost. I believe; If we want Bubble to be innovative in a timely manner they will inadvertently cause issues, and we as a community will need to react. My initial post was not intended to sound like a complaint, but rather a query to understand best practice regarding the topic. I do empathize with all who may possibly encounter issue related to updates or changes in the Bubble platform, but remain confident that all the very talented people at Bubble are truly doing their very best.

Respectfully, John

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Sounds like your RGs conditionals are depending on static data? That’s just my 2 cents on what you are experiencing.