RG not updating unless refreshing the page

We’re observing the same symptoms as we had witnessed a couple of months back: i.e. database objects created in the backend are not showing on RG unless we refresh the page.

I’m assuming we would not be the only one facing this issue. Can anyone confirm it’s a global bug? Thanks.

Please share screenshots

I noticed this a couple of times on Sunday, but irreproducibly and inconsistently so figured it might be something on my end. I appreciate that’s might not be very helpful but thought I’d put it here in case there is a pattern.

This may be a problem with the RG having its data displayed and not being dynamically sourced

Adding details:

We have the following survey with a question type that requires distributing 100 points over a set of options. These options are displayed in an RG. The RG will do a search for the distribution options related to the response.

The survey response are created dynamically as the respondent progresses through they survey. Clicking on the NEXT button generates the next response, and in case of distribution question type, it will also create a set of response distribution to display in the repeating group.

When clicking on next though, the RG does not fully update: we get 2 out of the 4 options.

When refreshing the screen though, these options appear:

Normally, the expected behavior, is to have the RG show the options as they are created. Even if there is a lag on the workflow that creates these options, it should populate, 1, 2, 3, 4 as the page already is loaded.

I’ve had a couple of interactions with Bubble Support Team on this topic. First they acknowledged the problem, then the bug was no longer reproducible. As of today this is resolved, though I do not know how or what the root cause was.

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