RG to new DB and columns - videos

Are there any videos which show how to send RG content to a new table in the own columns?

Do you want to create a completely NEW table? As in a new datatype? If thats the case, that isnt possibe. The database schema is fixed and cannot be changed by an end user.

If you are trying to use content of a RG to create new rows on an existing table, you could look into the Data API or setting up a recursive workflow which takes the content of the RG as input, parses it, and iteratively creates new rows in the table.

It would be an existing table.

Thats great. Then it is very possible.
Look into the Data API (specifically the Bulk Create method) or alternatively Recursive workflows.
Is there anything in particular which is causing you problems?

I’m trying to find videos to help…I’m a marketer and am slowly working through this.
The rg content need to be in own columns to allow the user to drag the content on the last section of the app.