Using a state list to create new rows

I have a list with n items that I’ve created that’s stored in a state list.

I want to create new things from the items I’ve selected in the list.

However when I do this (e.g. “add list”) I get the list items in one row/field vs the n rows I’d need. Which is presumably correct.

How can I accomplish getting what’s in the list into my db as new rows? MUCH THANKS

Hi there, @mfsmillie… if I understand your post correctly, you need to send the list to a backend workflow and loop through the list to create the new things in the appropriate data type. Have you done something like that before? You should be able to find information about that in the forum, but if you want to share more details about your specific use case in this thread, someone might be able to provide a more “targeted” answer.


Thanks. Looking at that now. I have done it before but it was a while ago. Will see if I can figure it out. much thanks again.

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@mikeloc I’m trying to work through a RG to display items that are from multiple tables related in a hierarchical manner. I’ve got a Member ID that goes with an Employer. The Employer has Plans and Plans have Services. (tables are Member/Employer/Plans/Services). For the life of me, I can’ t figure out how to get a RG to display Member ID//Employer Name//Plan Name//Service Name for each service on a row.

I’d be happy to go through this w you on a zoom and compensate you for your time (you’ve been a great help on other issues). Please let me know. thanks.

Happy to try to help, Mark. Shoot a direct message my way, and we’ll get a chat set up.

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