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Rich Text Edit tables and dynamic data


My client to be able to create their own document templates in the Rich Text Editor.
The problems that I have:

  1. Tables with borders cannot be created like in other text editors i.e. TinyMce
  2. At the moment they are using an app where they merge preset data fields themselves by typing i.e. {{someData}} or $(someData) without having access to the development side.
  3. They need to be able to print a group of documents from a list of their custom document templates.

How can I do this in Bubble?


I have the same problem. Have you looked at

You should be able to integrate Bubble with that and create any document you want.

I don’t know about printing multiple documents at once though. That is the problem I have with Bubble at this point: There is no workflow for a batch process on multiple records.

Example: “Send all documents on current repeating group to printer”

Thanks macro101 for your reply.
Yes I have considered webmerge, that was my original plan but my client will then have to pay for Bubble, Webmerge and Zapier. For the volumes they might be running it will become to expensive.

Have you tried webmerge?