Recreate repeating group in email

Is it possible to edit dynamic data in the rich text editor when creating a bubble email? It seems you can only insert the dynamic data from the bubble editor, not the rich text editor.

I tried to add [TABLE][TR][TD] for dynamic items in the regular editor, but this wasnt picked up in the eventual email.

Can i create the email using something like: with dynamic data?

The idea is to just create a simple table that lists items in a repeating group (using :item1, :item2 etc)

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Has anyone had succes creating more complicated emails with dynamic data and how did you do that?

You currently cannot edit dynamic data in th rich text editor unfortunantly.

The BBCode Bubble uses is kind of strange. It doesnt accept basic things like iFrames and tables, like you said.

The best option to emulating a repeating list at the moment is to individually write all of the static text that would appear in the email (as if it was a reapeating group). Then add dynamic data to each one while pulling different data from each incrementally. So if you are pulling from a list of things, add :item #1’s Thing to the first one, then :item #2’s Thing to the next and so on.


The first place prize goes to Do a search for Winners:item #1’s Name!

The second place prize goes to Do a search for Winners:item #2’s Name!

The third place prize goes to Do a search for Winners:item #3’s Name!

and so on…

This works okay when you know how many rows you need. If you do not, it doesnt work so well.

This is what I use, it’s a real pain to do, so if you have any questions I would be happy to come up with other solutions.

@emmanuel Hey Emmanuel, could [iframe] be added as an available syntax in the text editor, especially when creating emails?

This would solve the problem above, because you can create a repeating group in Bubble on a special page then ask the iFrame to view that page. This would also enable tracking of who opened the emails.



Can a return/line break be added to a field that can be dynamically inserted into an email? So in @uncode example above, if you have no idea how many rows you would need, it would be an interesting hack if you can achieve the end result by adding the “static” type in fields in that datatype for each thing.

Here’s a different example - an order. If an order type has two fields, SKU and Quantity, can we add additional “static” fields such as “rich_return” and “rich_spacer” and “rich_quantity” and “rich_SKU” and “rich_delimiter”? Then we could set up an order email with the maximum rows that we think we’ll ever have. The email in the workflow would look something like this (static fields have “rich_” as a prefix):

Items ordered:

[OrderItem1’s rich_SKU][OrderItem1’s rich_spacer][OrderItem1’s SKU][OrderItem1’s rich_delimiter][OrderItem1’s rich_quantity][OrderItem1’s Quantity][OrderItem1’s rich_return][OrderItem1’s rich_return][OrderItem2’s rich_SKU][OrderItem2’s rich_spacer][OrderItem2’s SKU][OrderItem2’s rich_delimiter][OrderItem2’s rich_quantity][OrderItem2’s Quantity][OrderItem2’s rich_return][OrderItem2’s rich_return][OrderItem3’s rich_SKU][OrderItem3’s rich_spacer][OrderItem3’s SKU][OrderItem3’s rich_delimiter][OrderItem3’s rich_quantity][OrderItem3’s Quantity][OrderItem3’s rich_return][OrderItem3’s rich_return]

The resulting format would resemble:

Items ordered:

SKU: 12345 / Quantity: 2,000

SKU: 67890 / Quantity: 1,000

SKU: 98765 / Quantity: 500

This seems crazy to set up but it could be a way to hack a repeating group format into an email. I just can’t find a way to get a line break to work dynamically.


+1 on this… Whenever we need to send out emails with repeating lists we are stuck just sending it as a comma delimited text dump (item 1, item 2, item 3, item 4), etc.

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bump. is it possible?

Agree this is greatly needed!

Any ideas on this? This is greatly needed by all!

Toolbox List Item Expression can generate this sort of text. The examples are a bit neglected, see if you can figure something out.

example app editor link

Relevant post:

I figured a workaround by adding a column(list field) and binding all the relevant texts and data into one list of texts, then express with join with “line_break”

In your example,
Do something like below to fill a new column (namely; listxt),
SKU: Search for OrderItem’s SKU / Quantity: Search for OrderItem’s quantity

Then in your email body,
Search for OrderItem:first item’s listxt join with “line_break”

Hope this helps


How if the Number of Items is dynamic ?
for example “a shopping cart order”

there each user will have a number of different items according to what he will order

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Hi, did you find a way to solve this?

I’m new here, and still a bit ignorant, but it came to my mind this solution: Why we just don’t send the table as an attached PDF, using that PDF plugin. By the way, because I’m new here, I’ve never used the PDF plugin yet, I hope it’s easy to build the table then convert it to a PDF and attach it to the email. Otherwise my idea is a bad one, LOL