🤌 Rich text editor with real-time collaboration (Tiptap)

Toss a coin to your witcher – aka $upport this project:

Get it here: 🤌 Rich text editor (Tiptap.dev) Plugin | Bubble

It’s free as in beer :beers: . But I would like you to pay with feedback :ear: and requests. My goal is to treat this project as an open-source project, taking in pull requests and improving it for all of us.

:ballet_shoes: Demo
:mag: Editor

Real-time collaboration

2024-04-11 11.06.24

:warning: You will need an account with either:

Bring & Customize your own menu

Each little feature is accessible via workflows and have individual events that fire immediately. That means that you can create and control your own menu.

Keyboard shortcuts

Both for classical editor and markdown. You can set a paragraph to Heading1 either by typing ⌘ + ⌥ + 1 or by adding # at the beginning of a paragraph.


  • Paragraphs: bold, italic, underline
  • Headings - from H1 to H6
  • Images
  • Ordered lists
  • Unordered lists
  • Quotes
  • Links
  • Code blocks
  • Horizontal line
  • Text alignment: left, center, right (and :face_vomiting: justify)
  • Text highlighting
  • Tables


Current goal: Mentions


  • 3.4.0 - multiple collab providers
Previous releases

Looks very nice Rico​:ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

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nice job @rico.trevisan, tiptap is a huge library so it probably too you some time to get it to work :fire:


There is my teacher, the Plugin Prince himself. Come here, gimme me a bearhug!


Looking very nice Rico!
Does it work with the new resposiveness?

Thanks. Yes, it works with the new responsive engine. The plugin itself is a simple <div> and TipTap does all the filling in.

I’m currently testing out which options are needed. (I currently have all the options turned on which is overkill…)

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Would be cool if this had some sort of Iframe implemented where you could embed social media post like Twitter post or Youtube Videos.

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collaboration is not working yet.
will work on that in version 2



v1 is released → Rich text editor -- 🩰 Tiptap.dev Plugin | Bubble

Unfortunately, no collaboration in this version. I’ve gotta harass some more people in the #plugin-builders forum. And @Kayami.


@rico.trevisan I’m having a lot of fun playing around with tiptap (I’m a huge tiptap fan :heart:)

First impressions

  • The freedom to create custom menus is a really nice touch!
  • Ability to output html and json: awesome!

Issue - auto-binding

(some context of usage)

  • I’m using your plugin in a SPA
  • The tiptap editor is inserted into a floating group
  • This floating group is used to create an edit notes.


  • When auto-binding is enable, if I view note A, it’s content is loaded (expected behavior);
  • When I view note B, content A is displayed and is saved to note B (not expected behavior);



My experimentation is still in early stages, but I feel confident that this plugin could very well replace the current RTE plugin used in my project.

Thanks for this plugin :pray:

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Excellent feedback, thank you!

Yep. Yep. This autobinding business is giving me a proper headache. I posted a question hoping the gods of plugins will help me out.

I’ll certainly add the highlight text feature to the list.


@rico.trevisan back with some more feedback (using version v.1.0.1 ) :smiley:


:warning: input is enabled option:

  • When check it works as expected;
  • When uncheck it doesn’t work as expected (input is still possible);

:warning: Responsive/layout behavior:
(context of use)

  • I’m using your plugin in a SPA
  • The tiptap editor is inserted into a floating group;
  • This floating group is used to create an edit notes;

I’m under the impression that in order to get inputted content in tiptap element, to scroll in a floating group, you need to enable the option “fit height to content” even though I have inf max height for the element.

Would you consider this to be expected behavior? Try it out yourself by replicating these steps:

In editor:

  1. Create a floating group with scrollable content (e.g: text). Configure the floating group as you would for a SPA (fullcreen);
  2. Create a second floating group and include the tiptap element. Configure the second floating group as you would for a SPA (fullcreen);
  3. Configure the tiptap element to have no max height. Keep the “fit height to content” option unchecked;

In preview:

  1. Insert a few paragraphs of text until text passes page fold;
  2. Try to scroll (it won’t work)

Now, go back to the editor an enable the option “fit height to content”. Try to scroll again (it will scroll).

This behavior just doesn’t seem super intuitive (at least for me). Curious to know what you and perhaps others think.

Thanks again! :+1:

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Excellent feedback. That’s my homework for the weekend.

Can’t believe i just saw this thread… Amazing work man! Can’t wait to see where it goes… +1 for json as input.

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this is excellent @rico.trevisan. Nice work!

I think I just solved the auto-binding issue.

I want to test it on a real app. To do that I need to publish a new version which will roll out to all of you. I’ll make sure to tag it as BETA. Try it out and let me know.

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Could you show me your app? What do you mean when input is still possible? Can you type? Or are you referring to the actions (bold, italic, etc.)?

On my demo it seems to work properly.
Properly’ish. Typing input is disabled but actions still work. What’s the right approach / philosophy: who should be responsible to restrict it: the plugin or the Bubble dev?

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A small quibble from a UI perspective. The cursor doesn’t change to a finger icon when you hover over a url. Not sure if this is under your control.

For the custom menu, can I highlight text and then click a custom menu button to act upon the highlighted text? Is there any docs on how to do this yet?

If I’m using the current Bubble RTE, is there any migration issues?

Lastly, based on previous discussions we’ve had, if I paste in an image, is it stored securely?

Looks great and can’t wait to try it out!

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Friday night updates :sunglasses:

Just updated to beta version. From my brief testing, it does seem like auto-binding is working as expected! I’ll continue testing though and will report back :+1:

I’m referring to this option:

I’ve just realized that your demo actually has two pages… (index and doc). I completely missed the doc page (default goes to index :sweat_smile:).

I see that you check a value and then based on that, the tiptap element is editable or not. I haven’t tried this approach. I’m just using the option shown in the screenshot above…

In any case, it’s not really a deal breaker for me at the moment, as I can just use an html element to display content vs enable/disabling input within tiptap.