🤌 Rich text editor with real-time collaboration (Tiptap)

Would you happen to have an ETA on mentions? It’s the one thing holding me back from getting this. Also, will it have the ability to mention multiple “things” (such as users, a custom variable such as a document, etc)?

Thank you!

Thank you for wonderful plugin! I’ve searching a lot of RTE but this is the best plugin so far!

I’ve few feedback regarding the plugin,

in my end :

  1. somehow even with Placeholder extension enabled, the placeholder text isn’t rendered
  2. Also when I set the tiptap height is 100% or Fill height and the input is empty. The whole element isn’t clickable to make the tiptap focus (I need to click the first line to make it focus)

But the rest is perfect!


Release 2.3.0 - large target area

  • target area is as wide as the parent element

2023-09-24 07.12.23

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An impediment to upgrades and bug fixes is upgrading the libraries. I spent a few mornings this week and most of Sunday trying to get them upgraded but kept running into conflicts. I’m not sure if it’s Tiptap or the library provider that I use – esm.sh. Nonetheless, I reached to both.

The Tiptap Collaboration libraries seem to be the root-cause. So I do wonder if it would be better if I split the plugin in 2:

  1. Basic editor
  2. Editor with collaboration

The nightmare would be keeping them in sync. Not to mention, anyone using it would now have to manage 2 elements. I’ll give it a couple of days. In the meantime, I’ll work on improving the documentation and small bug fixes.

Further, Tiptap is releasing few new plugins and these are paid plugins. What I am planning on doing is keeping the plugin free and allow you to purchase a key to access those features.


Awesome plugin! Although, I’m clearly missing something very basic… how do I enable either of the bubble or floating menus? I ask as neither appear when I type or highlight text.

On another unrelated note, what software do you use to screen record as in the below link’s video?


Awesome plugin.

I’m getting the following error when using Insert content + Autobinding:

Is it because I’m looking for URL parameters? Despite the error, the search is being done correctly.

I’m having trouble implementing Autobinding because I work with Versions of a document.

When the Parent Version changes, Autobinding saves the Tiptap content in the other version, understanding that the contents are different.

If you have any ideas, let me know.

FYI: the maintainer of esm.sh – the tool I use to get import the libraries needed for Tiptap – has fixed an issue that could unblock us. I’m just waiting for him to move it to PROD so I can test it.


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I believe I discovered the reason for error when using Insert/set content (TypeError: Cannot read properties).

Happens when the workflow is type “Do when condition is true”.

If I use Insert Content in a common workflow, such as clicking on an element, it works smoothly.

If you release an update for this bug, please let me know.

Thanks for this investigation. Could this be firing right away, before the editor is actually ready?

There is a bunch of error catching that I can do to improve.

Thanks again for all the updates. A small issue is with the insert image action. If we have an “upload image” workflow that includes the “insert image” action followed by a “set focus to end of tiptap” action so the user can continue typing after the image is inserted, the focus gets set directly on the image, rather than directly next to the image. That means if the user tries to type, it deletes the image and replaces it with text. The focus should go directly AFTER the image, rather than “on” the image if that makes sense.

Also, if the user tries to focus on the tiptap directly after the image manually, the flashing “focus” cursor line is positioned horizontally, not vertically which looks strange as shown below.

Release 2.4.0 - Independent stylesheets

  • each instance of Tiptap will have their own styling, not interferring with other Tiptaps on page.
    2023-10-05 06.05.05

  • you can now style blockquotes
    2023-10-05 06.05.35


I’ll take a look to see what can be done on the plugin level.

In the meantime, could you chain that insert image with another insert text and add empty space?

I’ve tried that but the problem is that the “insert content” action inserts the content at the ‘end’ position of the tiptap and since the end position gets focused ON the image, not AFTER the image, the inserted content ends up just replacing the image.

I’ve shown an example below.
Here is the text that should be inserted after the image is inserted:

Here is what the result is:

And unfortunately if I rather use the “set content” action following ‘insert image’ action and set content to “tiptap’s content” with empty space next to it, the tiptap ignores the empty space.

Anyway, I’ll find a workaround for now no worries. Thanks for all you do

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Thanks for that. I’ll take a look.

When the action is triggered, the editor is already active.

I solve this as follows. Add the image as HTML followed by <p></p> to create a new paragraph below the image.


Oh awesome thanks man! Didn’t realise the insert content action recognises html

Me neither!

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Looking to have a max character count on my tiptap editor, but exclude any links/urls from the count. Anyone managed to achieve this?

Someone told me to use regex but don’t understand it so couldn’t get it to work :upside_down_face:

hi , very useful plugin and thank you for it
how can i use events to delete uploaded image on image deleting ?
mybe return all images as state .
also ability to modify image w/h .
if selectedHTML return tag when image selected is very useful. now return empty