Rich Text Input - can't save a blank input?

Stuck trying to figure out a weird situation - please help.

Using the bubble’s Rich Text Input (RTI) element.

I have the RTI in a Group whose Type of Content is Text and Data Source is from a Custom State in a Hidden Popup.
The initial content in the RTI is Parent’s group text (which successfully displays the content in the custom state.
This RTI will appear upon User clicking on an Edit button.
And the RTI successfully displays the Custom State info.

I have a Clear Button and a Save Button.
For Clear Button, the workflow will Set the State of the Custom State to be blank.
Then Reset Group that the RTI is in.
And the content successfully clears out and the RTI is empty.

BUT upon clicking on the Save button… the blank state doesn’t get saved to the Database! The previous data is still saved.
Save button workflow is simply: Make changes to a thing and pointing the RTI’s value to the data field.

What is WEIRD is that when I make minor changes or when there is some inputs in the RTI (even just 1 char) , the new changes or inputs gets saved to DB!

Pulling my hair out… :frowning:

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Kinda skirted the problem.
Instead of Setting the Custom State to blank, i set it to a " " space.

But not sure if that is the “right” way.

This is an annoying bug that has persisted for a long time with Bubble’s RTE. I’ve contacted support on 2 separate occasions and they can’t seem to reproduce it on their end each time.

I currently also just add a " " to define a blank value in the RTE.


How to define a blank value in the RTE?

just key in a space in the input field


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