RichTextInput don't display data on first call

I load this page and I click on the edit button to open a pop up in which i display the value of the description.

But The first time I display the popup and call the data, the RichTextInput don’t display the data and only the the RichTextInput the other data are displayed.

On another line of a repeating group I call the same popup and then the data display in the RichTextInput .

Now if I call the popup of the precedent line the data is displayed in the RichTextInput .

It was the same until last week with the multiline input.

Thanks to keep me informed about the RichTextInput .


Hey @abaudin :wave:

I think you are using the Rich Text Editor and it has a bunch of bugs they are still trying to work out. If something just started happening to it, and you are sure you checked that the default value is correct, then it may be worth sending a bug report in.

Hope that helps! :blush:


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