How organize role based access?


Guys, maybe who knows how to create role-based and permissions access in the Bubble app?

I need to create different roles and permissions for access, for example, role admin - have access to full content and can edit all posts, delete and add the author’s, subscribers, etc. in app. Role author - can write, delete, read and edit his posts, and can read posts other authors but can’t edit, delete. Role subscriber - can only read all posts, but can’t edit or delete theirs.

I read the forum, but i can’t find the article about how to create RBAC (role-based access control) or ABAC (attribute-based access control) in Bubble, maybe who knows, how to organize it’s in Bubble database and control access in standard workflows, API workflows, and Data API?

Thanks for the help!

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You can start here:

Once the database is set up correctly for it, then you just need to use conditionals on workflows and elements to limit users abilities based on their roles in the database

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Thank you for your help!

You can also now do this using the Warrant: Role Based Access Control plugin from the Bubble marketplace. The plugin uses the Warrant where you can manage Roles and Permissions through the dashboard. The plugin also provides an action to check for permission access before loading a page or performing other workflow steps.

Note: I am the creator of this plugin.