Role based concept

Hi there,

We are trying to be compliant with this requierement while developping our application :

- The function scope of clients can be scaled into multiple levels. Multiple function blocks can be combined in any way required so that all users can see and use precisely the range of functions intended for them in accordance with the assigned rights and roles.

During our due diligence, we founded these two threads on the forum from users that seems to have the same concern :

So yes, as Ernie said “we can do copy and paste conditions, but often times business logic changes and it becomes difficult to manage where we’ve set those specific conditions (that could be in elements on pages, elements on pages, workflow events, subsequent actions, events, etc.)”

But this would expose us to bugs, since the chances of forgetting to change a condition somewhere raise as the application is getting more and more complex day after day.

Is there any Bubble integrated solution , like a " reusable condition " as Ernie suggested in his post on the forum ?