RSS Enclosure tag is not accessible through API connector


I try to access a podcast RSS feed like this one:

Most of the providers (e.g. Anchor, Soundcloud,…) use the enclosure tag to add the URL to the mp3.

When I try to use the XML API connector the encloure tag is not accessible.
It might be because is does not have an open + closed tag but only 1 tag:

Any chance to access this URL inside of the enclosure tag?


I really don’t see any chance of using such enclosure tags.
On the other hand: It’s the same with image tags in HTML, so there a bit of hope that I’m just missing something.

So, if you have some hints, I would really appreciate it.


What are you trying to do exactly? Can you also post a screenshot of your API Connector Result setting (when you initialized the call, how do you set the results you get?) and maybe API connector call too. I’ve tested it and I get all url.
But maybe I don’t understand correctly what you are trying to do.

So in the link I mentioned above you see different tags.
The link tag, e.g.:

< link>Episode 3 by Test Podcast< /link>

And the encloruse tag, e.g.:

< enclosure url=“” length=“228019” type=“audio/x-m4a”/ >

As you can see the link tag has 2 tags. The enclosure tag consists of 1 and has a URL inside of it. This URL is in fact the URL for streaming the podcast itself. The link URL is just the website. So I need to use the URL inside of the enclosure tag.

I try to call the RSS feed with the following setup:

What I get is this (raw response):

You can see that the enclousrue tag is empty. In fact, in the “Returned Values” overview after intializing the call, it does not show up at all.

The question is: How can I access this URL inside of this enclosure tag when it’s only 1 tag and not 2 tags for opening and closing the tag.

Does this makes it a bit clearer? :slight_smile:
Not so easy to describe…

EDIT: I needed to use Blockquote to show the code of the links.

Yes I understand now. This seem to be a limitation of API Connector. I think you should open a support ticket for that.

For now, Solutions I can see are:
Use an api like and call the RSS feed using it (will return a json of the xml correctly parsed).
Use Integromat
Create a plugin.

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Thanks for having a look, @Jici. I just wasn’t sure if I miss some really stupid stuff but I agree with you that it might be a current limitation of the API connector.
Will open a support ticket as audio content in feeds will be more and more popular.

Thanks also for the rss2json api link. Looks promising, I’ll try it out.


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