Run a workflow on page load

I have a rather complex workflow that can be triggered by pressing a button but I want it to also be activated on page load (only if the user is logged in). At the minute I have when page loaded workflow set to ‘if user is not logged in redirect to page’ but is it also possible to trigger the workflow?

I dont want to recreate the workflow under the page load workflow, rather trigger it on load (if user is logged in) and this also allows me keep this workflow attached to the button so a manual run can be done.

I apologise, but I’m having trouble understanding what you’re asking. Could you explain a bit more?

Create a custom workflow event and you can trigger the custom event from either the page load event or in response to a button press. That way you don’t need to make two copies of the workflow

This is perfect - just copied and pasted the workflow to a custom workflow and can call it from page load or from a button call. Thank you :slight_smile:

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