Run API workflow on a list - Interval


  1. After running some tests, it’s apparent the behind the scenes or default interval (in seconds) between each item is longer than I expected (and non-trivial).

Let’s say the interval is over 10 seconds. If I set it manually to 5, what will happen?

  1. If we run an API workflow on a large list and decide we need to stop it mid-way, how do we do this once the workflow is already initiated and underway?


  1. the interval will be the higher if the time you set and 5s. We have to do this to avoid things going wrong on the server.

  2. that’s not something we offer currently (and not very intuitive I think). I guess you could have a condition on the worflow that relies on a thing and modify that thing, but we can’t guarantee timing there.

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To clarify, are you saying that the interval will be higher than 5 seconds, if left blank?

it may be (we try to make it 5, but it’s not guaranteed). If the system requires longer delays we apply them.

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