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Timing related to Running API on a List

@emmanuel our app runs the API on a list. At one point, it got 3 “things” sent to it. The 1st and 2nd ones were input into our database a tenth of a second apart or so. The 3rd one took 3 minutes (which is highly unusual).

We’ve left the “interval (seconds)” blank on this action. Does this leave it to the system to optimize? What’s the range of acceptable numbers here?

Anything else we should do to get the data into the database in a timely manner? …our app needs all of the data before our system expects it which is currently a 30 second window, or else it breaks our app. I know this isn’t optimal, but Bubble doesn’t provide us with any other potential solutions and it’s the core component of our app so it must exist.

Will the new server structure that allocates a specific capacity to each app eliminate these longer than usual delays (so long as our app isn’t under heavy load)?

The number of seconds depends on other tasks running from other apps, etc. If you’re on a dedicated cluster that’s a different story, and we can adjust things there.

We’re still working on server allocation stuff and cannot answer this question under the new system yet.

Anything we can do in the meantime to mitigate the likelihood of these long delays (besides moving to a dedicated cluster)?

Not much, API workflows on a list do not offer a delay guarantee

The documentation for this currently says that putting a number of less than 5 seconds here is not recommended. Can you help me understand that trade-offs and risks associated with smaller and larger intervals?

We should fix the documentation. A number below 5 seconds will be ignored.