Dynamic Username / password for API access

I’d like to build an app where each user can input its own credentials (username/password) to its Wordpress API. Is that possible with Bubble ?

I guess that means the id/pwd of each user has to be dynamically replaced in the API Connector ? but maybe there is a better workaround or best practice (i’m very new to Bubble and APi world too)

I’ve found this topic but i’m not sure it covers my issue :slight_smile: How do I assign parameters dynamically

Thx a lot for your kind help,

Nobody has done that before ? any feedback for ani API would help me here…

Thx a lot

Where you able to find a solution. I need something similar as well.

Hey guys, I’m looking into something similar but with some CRM systems. I found this thread although I haven’t started working on this, it might help.