Running analytics on Bubble app user data


I’m struggling to find a way to export my app data to other Bigquery or similar in order to do queries/analytics, etc.

I’ve been testing 2 different approaches:

  1. Create an SQL instance in Google Cloud Console and then running queries from Bigquery. The issue is that the data is structured in a very different way and I simply can’t find my app data

  2. Use the GET function from the Data API. I’m doing this using Postman, but the issue is then how to make this data queriable. Maybe there is a simpler way to do it?

Anyone has some experience with this? A how-to-guide?
I just want to run some queries with my customer’s data and then plug it in back to Bubble to visualize it.

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Hey @rentabl, where you able to solve this? I’m running the same challange here. How did you manage to export data from bubble to an external database?

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