Input data to third party, upload to sperate app?


I have a question that maybe simple to answer but simply backends or databases just arent my thing. I am not new to bubble just new to API and SQL databases or any other type of databases i guess.

How would i be able to input data (numbers)on App A and display them on a separate App? Basically a backend. The problem is there will probably be alot of data after awhile and without upgrading the bubble plan is there a way to store it and have App B read it and display it to user on App B??

I know this maybe kinda difficult to understand, just looking for some guidance!

Yes, you can set this up using the bubble API.

However, you have to be aware that any “bubble DB logic” that you have applied in app A’s database might not work when accessed through API calls.

If you have nested data types (e.g. a field of data type A is type user) the API would only return the unique_id and not user information or any data that is stored in that specific “user” database entry. This data would have to be requested in an additional call. Hope this makes sense.

The problem is the bubble app would run out of space. I was thinking using AWS as a storage solution but i hear it still isn’t reliable. The data i am saving is Sports stats. But its custom sports stats that there is no API for. So i want to be able to create my own API to connect it to the Main app. But i want to be able to change the data being displayed on the main app, in the backroom app.

Think if it like a inventory system or a story like best buy. As stock becomes available they manually update it in the backroom. It changes real time for customers. I want to be able to do this with stats.

I guess i still don’t understand, I replied to someone else exactly what im trying to do. I basically want to create a mini espn with my own spin on it.

Unless you are storing files (which live on AWS) then it won’t. The space limits are not database.

Pretty much everything has an API now, so you can pick and choose your backend.

In terms of scale … Google BigQuery can hold petabytes and can be connected via the Bubble API.

But…almost certainly overkill.

So i dont need a third party storage system? Also we are saving data over seasons. Like every event, match, etc so i need to be able to store data like that for over 60+ people. Accross multiple seasons. I haven’t actually figured out how i will input it or display it yet but thats the idea.

I dont want to go in circles, im just new to this so some terms and stuff just throw me off!