Ryan Hoover's (ProductHunt) post about the rise of "no-code"

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Great information. Thanks for sharing. My concern is that the more of these platforms that become available, which will allow more of us to enter the space, the more difficult it will become to create a viable/profitable product. And as more businesses become aware that this technology exists, they’ll just hire someone for an average wage to build what they need.

I’d love feedback that will show me I’m wrong. LOL.

In the mid nineties I started a business that leveraged the powerful features of the internet. It took $100k on credit cards to build out the infrastructure – servers, software, telecommunication switches, etc. Then I had to cobble everything together with nascent technology that didn’t always perform as expected. Point being, THE BUILDING of that product was a significant barrier to entry. It was damn fun, but it was hard. In contrast, getting customers was easy. Put up a half decent web site, get yourself listed in the search directories, and the cash register rang.

Fast forward to today and it has done a complete 180. For literally a few hundred dollars a month, I could now start that same business and scale as needed. The challenge in todays Internet, is CUSTOMER ACQUISITION. In order to achieve significant commercial success, one often needs to invest much more into marketing than in building.

Luckily, no code is another step forward to reduce the cost of building, but the products put forth will go nowhere without great marketing… which of course is also benefiting from tech.

All of this is made possible through abundance. The abundance of customers that can be reached means no longer being limited by borders. The abundance of technology fuels competition which accelerates innovation. And the abundance philosophy of this forum, helps us all grow our skills.

So while new players in no code will bring in more builders, that will just simulate more features, more ideas, and more projects to work on.

It is a great time to be a builder… Just don’t forget the great marketing.


Being able to build a software is definitely not the same thing as being able to build a good product. Look at programmers: You can hire a Node developer for 8 dollars an hour. Do they know Node? Sure. Are they the best dev in the world? Nope. Does simply having a developer mean your software is gonna rock? Definitely not.

I hope no-code tools help continue to help as many people as possible “build the thing.” Expertise, proper product discovery, user-centered design, lean development principles…those are the things that help “build the right thing.” There’s not a tool in the world that’s going to solve that problem.


Nice post. Fully agree with @andrewgassen - as usual :wink:

If tomorrow everyone can build an app, for sure, building products - and even more a successful product- will remain the hardest thing to do.

Also, when you see today how many apps are launched everyday, while those are still developed by developers, tomorrow, to be successful and visible in this jungle , you’ll need even more than just a well-developed app. Building will be easier, but thinking will be harder! Product design - in the broad sense - and deep ideation might be the keys to play the game.

All in all, great years are coming for creativity and therefore for Bubble :wink: