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Hi folks,

One day I met Bubble, and my life changed. I was at a hardware store. Yes, as you know, I had a store that sold drills, bolts, and screwdrivers.

In these six years, I not only learned but also established a no-code agency and make a small team and started making money on no-code.

You can find us on Kodsuz’s contributor page. We started monetizing the marketplace, clients, and our side projects.

And the day has come. I put this information together. If you want to be a no-code developer, I have compiled almost all the information you need to have at hand into an eBook. Of course, it’s not just a book. I made it in Notion. You can see some features below.

All your questions and feedback are welcomed. You can check it out below, join the discussion on Product Hunt, and support us if you’d like.

I can’t wait to hear what you think.

1- My journey
The part where I talk about my background and how I learned to make money this way when I was super unrelated to web technologies.

2- About no-code
I explained what no-code and no-code movement in 8 questions is.

3- What can be built with no-code tools?
I collected 21 items that also show the type of application, the URL, and the tools with which it was made.

4- Automate your “things” with no code!
I have prepared two different examples for this. One example is how to automate things in traditional commerce, and another is how to automate a social media player.

5- Terminology
I explained 50 terms that people who aim to develop applications should know, and I added comments as I understood them.

6- What are APIs, and why are they important?
I have to open a separate topic for APIs. I tried to explain this subject simply but in detail.

7- Tools & Platforms
I collected URLs, pricing, and their communities. I’ve put together over 50 no-code tools/platforms. I’ve added explanations for what I use.

8- Tutorials & Online Courses
I added more than 20 products with their pricing and links.

9- Newsletter
I added 10+ newsletters about no-code.

  1. Podcasts
    I have added 10+ podcasts about no-code.

11- Books
I added 10+ books about no-code.

12- Build & Launch
I gathered and detailed 11 indispensable elements: choosing the right platform, creating scope, planning, and launching.

13- Resources

14- FAQ

In addition, you can send me the book, podcast, or whatever you have produced about no-code so that I can add your product.

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All feedback and comments are welcomed.