S3 file upload issue on live site

Hi There,

I recently deployed my site to live and am having an issue with file upload. I am getting this popup:

“Deletion from S3 issue. The file was uploaded in the other version of the application (live versus development)”. I am getting this for both files that I uploaded to my dev version, the same file renamed, and totally different files that I never uploaded at all/

If I look in my live version file manager, the file ends up there (it is a profile pic) but users can’t display it or anything.

Any ideas? Thank you so much. Bubble is such an amazing platform to help pursue projects I’d otherwise have no way of prototyping. Love it!

Just a lead, search the forum for this, but recently some folks pointed that files uploaded at one version (dev or live) do show up in the other version when you look at the file manager.

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