Saasalias / SSL wildcard plugin issue

Hey @wkyle101 / @vascolucci / @sander.vloeberghs and any other Saasalias plugin subscriber ,

I succeeded in getting the domains and subdomains created and deleted. For deletion, you have to ensure you’re using the same Netifly account than the one for the creation.

If ever the initial config for your created domain is lost, you can retrieve it using the “get config” action, then you pass this retrieved config to the delete action, and the domain is deleted (the Netifly account must be the initial one!).

But on my side, I really can’t get the SSL wildcard generation working. The first attempts trigger a Bubble’s temporary error, the next ones a time out, and then after some attempts, any new call trigger a plugin error as follow :

Did you use the SSL wildcard plugin and if so, by chance, did you get it working? I don’t succeed in getting support, I’m just asked to “retry”. But after more than 50 attempts (or maybe 100…), same results, same errors…

The subdomains creation works fine on my side, on both test and live environments. If you have any question / if I can help, do not hesitate, let’s collaborate :handshake: !

Hey Saasalias plugin subscribers,

Anyone using the SSL wildcard plugin and succeeding in getting the SSL certificate deployed?

It seems some of the subscribers succeed in getting it working, so I really don’t understand why it is not okay on my side as there’s no complexity in the workflow, aka 1 action to call…

Please, if some of you are generating the wildcard SSL, let me know! At least to know it’s working and there’s no bug with the plugin itself, as it’s a paid plugin. Thanks!