Beta Test: SaasAlias Plugin for whitelabeling domains

3 months ago I developed PowerLabel that allowed for adding multiple domains and subdomains to bubble apps. I wanted to improve how the plugin worked, add a way to deploy to both live and development versions, allow for debug_mode to work and way to create more advanced redirect/metadata replace rules.

The result is SaasAlias plugin. I am currently testing this on my own production app and want to remove all bugs before going live. I am searching for beta testers that will get the plugin for free till end of March. I currently don’t have a lot of documentation but everything seems to work fine.

Send me a DM with your APPNAME and that you want to test SaasAlias. Around 14th of february I will submit the plugin to and won’t be able to add any new apps.

Here is the editor: Saasalias | Bubble Editor
Here is a video: Vidyard Recording?

This plugin requires knowledge of how DNS works, on creating netlify account and getting an api key and how bubble works in general.


Have 5 betatesters. Searching for 5 more.

Hey @gaimed , if there’s still a slot, iam one of the 5 remaining seats.

I fear the pinned video is not working.

EDIT: SaasAlias check this for other looking for the link.

Fixed the link. Its Vidyard Recording?

Anyone wanting to beta test the plugin please dm me your appname.

Just submitted to bubble. Plugin is finished.


Cool! :+1:t2:

Can’t wait, I’m ready!

Hey @gaimed,

Any idea about when the plugin will be made available in the plugin marketplace?

Many thanks!

No idea. Depends on bubble.

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Hey @gaimed,

Your pluginS are available un the Bubble marketplace. But if my understanding is correct, there are 3 plugins to buy / subscribe to get the full saas domains functionnal , so 100$ the first month (config + multidomains + SSL), then 50$ per month (multidomains + SSL). :disappointed_relieved:

A bit expensive, so I can’t subscribe for the launch of my Saas. I can’t afford paying 100$+ 50$ without any garantees of outcomes. Moreover, there’s no way to test the “config” plugin, it’s a one shot cost of 50$. I’ll see later, depending on the feedback of subscribers.

That will be the final pricing. There was a LOT of work to get this done. There is limited need for these saas plugins. You can also not use the wildcard ssl plugin. This only makes the ssl faster but without it it will still work.

I didnt know they where available. Dont use them yet. Still working out a couple of small bugs. Once finished in a week I will make them available for a very low price for one week.

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Ok, thanks @gaimed

Hi @gaimed, are these plugins now ready to use?

Yes, and hurry hip, there’s currently a discount for the first early adopters (till end of April or may, I don’t remember).

Search for the main “Saasalias” post in this forum.

Thanks @Christophe_HK , I found them. Any idea whether these will be available to buy instead of subscribing at some point?


At the moment it’s a subscription for 2 of them, and a one time cost for the third one.

Subscription is a good compromise as I guess we may need support from @gaimed at some moments.