SSL problems today?!


My app did work great, but now it is not accessable anumore due to a CSS message.
I did nothing strange with my app concerning CSS or whatsoever.

Please support me! My clients are complaining…


Hello @lakeman,

Did you migrated to Cloudflare recently ? It happened with a bad configuration for me, but now it is ok ! Check your settings, for me SSL is working now (and I hope it will stay like this…)

Not with SSL, but I’ve been getting “Sorry, your login session has changed / expired… please try again” this morning. :frowning_face: I’ve rolled back the Cloudflare migration - it’s such a mess…

Your cloudflare migration was ok ? You correctly put ANAME/ALIAS** and** CNAME in your DNS Zone (without conflicts?) and just go to your Bubble Dashboard so as to delete your older name, refresh the page and add it back ?

You have to wait few hours (in my case) so as to Bubble see it is ok but after it’s perfect ! Don’t hesitate to use the free DNS of Cheapname which support CNAME/ANAME for the root domain :slight_smile:

Good luck

I stopped the cloudfare migration, because I did not know what to do with my A record.
I could do the CNAME, but what do I have to do with the A record??

But that was not the problem with SSL.
This morning I got a SSL problem and later it was suddenly oke. Now the problem is still there with SSL. (without any changes of my site…). Grrrr…

Had the same problem with my SSL, tried to install cloudfare, deleted it anyway since my hostingprovider didn’t gather ANAME’s

After I stopped the cloudfare it took my 4 hours until my SSL came back.

Anyway, Bubble provides a SSL and your provider either so if you unchecked the SSL on Bubble, contact your hosting.

Argeweb heeft mijn probleem opgelost.

The creation of a free DNS with the ANAME/alias support is so far the best and quicker option I saw and I did to migrate correctly and freely to Cloudflare !

My domain is registered with Google Domains, so I did this yesterday:

The app speed did go up, but I was getting the following message just like @eli :

@peterj said it was no big deal, so I happily ignored it:

At that point, I hadn’t tried logging into the app after the changes yet - I just browsed publicly available pages and was happy they were faster.

This morning, I’ve tried logging in and all hell broke loose with invalid login sessions and whatnot. I ended up turning Cloudflare off, disconnecting the new www domain from Bubble, connecting it again as a bare domain, and reverting the Google Domains DNS to the original non-Cloudflare settings. About 30 min later, everything went back to normal and was able to log back in.


Bing Bing! I did login over the weekend but today logins are going crazy.

@peterj I am also getting “your session has expired” issues for tons of users on after switching my domain to www. Instead of bare and turning cloudflare on.

Any fix for this???

Session cookies are tied to the exact domain, so by changing from bare to www you essentially log them out- they don’t have a session (or any cookie at all) on www., and will have to log in again.

Sorry about the inconvenience. I’ll write it up in the documentation, but for you, now, the best thing would be to weather the changeover. Going back will start everyone at square one.

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having the same issuee. when i make a api request the server shows the request as an anonymous user. I tried to logout and log back in " Oh no!

We’re having some temporary technical difficulties right now. We’re working on the problem as fast as we can!

In the meantime, try refreshing the page or hitting “back” on your browser just in case things are working again…

We’re really sorry!

If this message does not go away within five minutes, please report the following code to the team: 1572489169117x622942991614372100"

@peterj Thanks for the explanation, but that was not the behavior I observed. I had actually assumed that re-logging would fix it and tried it at least a few times to no avail (the error popup kept appearing) before I eventually rolled back Cloudflare.

@chaostorm Thanks for the followup. I meditated on what you told me, and realized that with the changes in browser behavior cited in these two threads:

Session management just got a lot harder for us.

I don’t generally like pointing fingers, but this was precipitated by a change in how browsers behave and not a code change on Bubble’s side. Certain aspects of what happened in the transition to Cloudflare mean that the problem is more obvious now, but it’s been simmering below the surface for a couple months.

You’ve just prompted me to move this up my priority list, because otherwise session management is going to get ugly soon.


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