Solution for error message saying "This webpage was reloaded because it was using significant memory" on Safari

I have a freelancer who is getting this error message when visiting a specific page on our site, but only when using Safari. Anyone else seeing these types of errors? Anyone know a resolution?

This page of ours is relatively simple.

If the problem only on the freelancer’s laptop, the problem might be with the machine…

Yeah, he recently got a new laptop and it’s pretty top of the line. Could be he had a bunch of windows open and opening this one was the straw that broke the camels back, but my gut says it’s something else.

It could be wise to try the website on another macbook to see what happens…

Yeah, also curious if others are ever running into the same error on their Bubble sites.

I constantly have that issue. I thought it was just my slow computer with not enough memory.

Are you seeing this on many different websites on the web, or almost exclusively on Bubble sites?

Just with bubble. But to be honest I really don’t use the computer for anything else. I use my iPad or iPhone mostly.