SalesForce Integration with Bubble

Hey everyone,

Has anyone successfully managed to integrate their app with Salesforce in a way where users were able to sync their data from Bubble to Salesforce?

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I have not tried this out myself as yet (Will give it a go when I have some free time)…but theoretically this should be possible via the Salesforce API and Bubble API…

I’ve never done that, but I’ve always thought Bubble would be a great tool for creating Salesforce integrations and custom UI’s.

I think there’s a Salesforce plug-in available in marketplace, but I’m not familiar with its capabilities.


hi, I suppose you to consult with these guys salesforce integration service, because they do know a lot about different products’ with Salesforce integration. I think it’s going to be useful. Good luck!

Were you able to get this working? If so, what did you end up using?