Same style, but different text sizes displayed in the mobile Chrome browser

Hi. These two text elements are assigned the same style with the same font size. In the Chrome mobile browser, the grouped text is smaller than the ungrouped text. Am I doing something wrong?


Zrzut ekranu 2022-09-20 084151

can you send a screenshot of the way layout tabs of both the text elements?

If I enlarge the text size in the mobile Chrome settings, only the ungrouped text is enlarged. All this text is one style.

Is there a specific reason why you are grouping one text element and not the other?

If there is no specific reason, I suggest that you try and group everything in your Bubble app, as this makes it easier to even do responsive settings.

But from your screenshots above, I think that the grouped element behaves different because it is taking up the properties of the group it is under. So for it to behave like the ungrouped text, do not put the settings on it rather put hem on the main group element.

Or group the other text element and make sure both groups have the same properties. The grouped element has an alignment which does not allow you to fit the height to the text content so might wanna consider changing the layout of the main group too.

Feel free to look up @atomicfusion on: Atomic Fusion | Hub , to get access to pre-built elements and UI styles to make your development experience better

Thank you for your advice, I will keep trying. I still noticed that if the grouped text is long, it has the same size as the ungrouped text. If I shorten it, the size changes to a smaller size.

Unchecking box “Center the text vertically” proved to be the solution in most cases.

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