SAML Integration

Hi there, to make the apps more accessible to enterprises I wonder if SAML has been thought of as a potential authentication integration? I was hoping to find some kind of Javascript plugin for SAML but I cant find one unfortunately :frowning:


I would also be very interested in this.

I would also like to have a SAML plugin. Did you guys ever figure something out for this?

I have not used SAML, but Auth0 is an easy integration with Bubble (just set it up as a Social Login) and provides this along with other enterprise logins.

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Yeah I was about to say Auth0 is the only option that I am aware of at the moment its just very pricy when you start trying to do SAML (known as enterprise logins in Auth0).

Just looked at the enterprise pricing … Ouch !

Indeed haha :smiley:

Any plan to support SAML?

Sorry, why is this useful with Bubble? I don’t understand the benefit.

Hope to get an explanation.

Its an enterprise authentication standard. Many customers will have a SAML IdP this allows users to login and authenicate using their company username and password without having to setup an LDAP connection or enter their password to the application. It also has the added benefit of Single Sign On

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This is a MUST have capability for any bubble based company who wants to sell a B2B application to an enterprise client. Requirements such GRDP and just general security concerns have larger companies attempting to protect the information their employees put into other sites as well as protecting their password. The discovery has been that most users reuse the same passwords for all sites which means that once you learn a users password on a non-company site, you can quite easily use access the company’s secure data by reusing the same combination. SAML/SSO allows a company to provide access to external services without having to expose a user ID or password.

We are being asked (forced) to go in this direction and desperately need an answer. Very surprised that this is so quiet on the forums but also probably reflective of the true maturity of the Bubble environment.

Bubble? Any assistance on this would be greatly appreciated.


I completely agree with @sanastasi I have also been asked in the past about SAML. Having a nice simple plugin for this would be a huge benefit for bubble and its users.

@emmanuel (or team) any update on SAML integration?

No update there unfortunately, it’s not often ask for.

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I’m working on an open source no / low code solution that should work with Bubble via Oauth.

Shoot me a note at I’d be happy to see if we can make it work!

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Any progress on this would be very useful… Critical for business related solutions


Not sure if someone could use this info SAML and OAuth to create a plug in …

Any Updates on SAML integration? We are forced by our B2B customers, to implement SAML auth. So I am looking for a solution.

Hi !

I’ve successfully managed to integrate a SAML connection using the WORKOS solution.

Took me a lot of time, but I now have a fully functional SSO system wooring with multiple B2B providers for a fraction of the cost of Auth0.

Good luck