Saudi Riyal currncey bug to be fixed


Im facing an issue which is number formatting as Saudi Riyal currency. (Arabic language is right to left) So the currency must be after the number (right to left) as shown in the picture.
Note: app primary language sitting is arabic and text alignment is right to left .

Coulde you add a picture from the editor of that text feild?

thank you for your respond, you can find text field picture below.

Why not just put the currency before the text.

ر.س Current Row's invoice Total-price:Formatted as NUMBER 2 decimal places.

That should put the currency first.

format as a number and add on extra element with the currancy?

You could have 2 different elements.

I would just have the one text field and put the currency where the “O” is before the “current cell’s…”

And change the “X” from currency to decimal or number.

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it worked , tank you for your support. however this issue must be fixed by

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thank you for your support, @jobs method is more efficient.

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