Save all rows from Repeating Group to Database

Hi all, another tricky question.

I’m using a multiselect dropdown to allow the user to select from any number of predefined items from a Option Set. I load the selections into a text list custom state.

Next, in a repeating group a have a row (cell) for each of the options selected with a disabled input that concatenates the option selected in the custom state list plus a number of other text inputs on the page.

I want to create a button that will add all the rows of the RG to a database each as unique things.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this?


Hi @kyleharryjohnson,

You can use the action “copy a list of things”. This duplicates the RG list of things to the dB. Just be mindful that this works only for 100 entries tops.

For duplicating a list beyond 100 entries you could use a recursive backend flow

Hi, @cmarchan. Thanks fo your suggestion, but there is no list available to copy.

I’m using a custom state list to generate an RG. In the RG, I concatenate the value from the custom state list, plus some other input fields on the page (outside the RG) that are the same for every row in the RG. Then I want to add all the rows from the RG to a database. The database and the custom state list are not of the same type.


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You could consider using a recursive backend flow to create a new thing with a text field value coming from the concatenated row value of your RG. This way you can save these new rows as new things to the dB.

If you have a few minutes you could review a great video (11m) by @evanlitttle where you can see how to run a series of actions on a list, looping through the list >

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