Saving dynamic expressions as a Data Type?

Newbie question.

Not sure this can be done, but is it possible to save dynamic expressions as a Text entry to be reused later?

This is the scenario I’m trying to achieve:

My user enters information about their business and products that I use to dynamically create marketing copy based on a mix of dynamic expressions and fixed text. (see example below)

On the “Marketing copy” page, I’d like to show the user a series of different versions to create variety in their ads / marketing copy.

To achieve that, I was hoping to save the “expressions + text mix” text in a table and use this field to show the different options in a repeating group. This would allow the user to scroll through the options and choose his favorite, but I can’t seem to save the expressions as data.

I want to use this approach hoping to avoid creating massively long pages with lots of groups that would each hold a different example, and keeping the page as light as possible.

Maybe I’m over thinking this, or there’s another way? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

You’re right, dynamic expressions can’t be passed around like text to be evaluated later.

Some options I can think of:

A. If the combinations are small enough, you could use the Conditional tab to display different sets of expressions.

B. Build a template system, where you use a series of find & replace to swap codes for values.

C. Similar to C but pass the template and data to javascript or a plugin. This would be a lot more complex than A or B, particularly in having to decide on the data to pass in before decoding the template.

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Thank you so much for your confirmation @mishav. Greatly appreciate it.