Data structure & visualising data

Hi All

I am new to bubble and have no coding experience. I have made progress with an app but feel that without a developer background its difficult to grasp some of the concepts and understand how to structure data and database queries effectively.

Outside of bubble i have a survey that has 6 core sections, each with 20 questions. responses to the questions are a number from 1 to 10. The survey is sent to clients who complete it. The data is captured in salesforce. Each completed survey creates an individual survey record and the data is rolled up to account level so reporting reflects average responses across participants related to an account.

I have created the first section of the survey in bubble and can create a record. I want to reflect the responses to all the questions in the section in a bar chart so labels along x axis are question 1, question 2, question 3, etc… and the Y axis reflects the scores (1 to 10).

I know i need to set a state but have no idea how. Can anyone provide a step by step guide how to set a state on a chart element and reflect data from multiple fields in a bar chart please?

Thats question 1…

Question 2 is how to structure the data. Should i create 6 data types, 1 for each section of the survey, and relate each record to a parent data type Survey, or should i just create a single data type that has a field for each question?

The reason for this question is i would like to send out the survey as a whole, but also send out just specific sections. I’m thinking the parent data type could control the sections that are made available to a participant? Would this also make the reporting component more effective?

Below i have reflected the current data structure I have and the chart I am trying to create (using excel):

I would really appreciate help with this, I’ve spent about 4 hours trying to work out how to create the chart…

Thanks in advance, Robbie