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Save data in with first item

Hello everyone !

I have a problem my website and I can’t fix it without help.
I want to display Booking in the page Dashboard, like that all professional are allow to watch their appointment in repeating group.

I already done all of it but I don’t know what I have to put here ? It’s first first item or something else ?

Someone have an idea ?

Thanks you very much !

I wouldn’t recommend this approach.

A better way would be passing the current cell’s thing to the popup or page where the user makes the changes and saves it.
If it is a popup, you can set the data type of the popup as utilisateur and set a workflow on clicking a particular cell of the RG to set data of the popup as this cell's utilisateur and then show the popup.

Once the user provides the info on this popup and clicks save, you can make changes to that thing with
make changes to parent group's utilisateur
and then hide the popup

Hope that helps.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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You have Utilsateur as a page thing. Assuming this is the one you want to update with the Booking Slot…

So you can just have “Thing to change” as Current Page’s Utilisateur.

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Thank you that’s exactly what I did but it still have a problem and I think it’s this

How can I modify to put yes ?

That is old - it was deprecated but you can still have it on previous apps.

You need to determine in your WF if you need to add or update.

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