Save inputs in repeating group data with one "save" button outside the repeating group

I have a repeating group with an input for each cell.

The usual method to save data in input - place save button in the cell, run workflow to save data in that cell - not user friendly if there are many rows.

Method I want - Have one save button outside the repeating group, run workflow to save all inputs from each cell.

Below image shows what I want from a UX perspective. Please advise how I would go about achieving this workflow.

I just implemented this, and it works flawlessly. It is a little confusing to setup but look at the demo.

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A simple way to do this without using any plugins, is to create a custom state list of texts…

Any time one of the input values is changed, update that list with a new value…

Each text in the list needs to relate the Question to the input value so you know which value relates to each question… (e.g. you can use the question’s unique ID if it’s from the database, or just the cell index)…

Then when the Save button is clicked, you can run a backend recursive workflow to update the Question answers based on the values in the custom state list.


Thank you for sharing this. It worked. Took me a while to understand how this works, but eventually got it.

It would be great if you could put a quick step 1,2,3 on how to use this plugin, as follows:

1 - place musician inside cell of repeating group
2 - place maestro outside repeating group

3 - Add event - musician is revealed, then initialise musician in steps, name the musician
4 - Add event - when musician will run this workflow inside, then apply your steps as you would for a button
5 - Add event - when an outside button is clicked, add step to trigger musician as per name given in step 3

Thanks again for sharing, it did the job that I needed it to do!

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Hey there.

Thank you for sharing this. I tried it, but cannot seem to get the AP I right. Would you be able to share some steps on how to go about achieving this? Would really help.

But if user type the same answer as did before…custom state can’t hold the same text values…

Indeed… that’s why you need to ensure each text in the list is unique.