Save make changes to RepeatingGroup's list of things, from outside the cell

I have a repeating group that display a list of things, each cell of the repeating group has a numeric input. There is a button outside of the repeating group, when it’s pressed, I would like to save all of the inputs to their respective cell’s thing. However, in the workflow, when the button is clicked → change list of things → RepeatingGroup’s list of things → field 1 = there is no option for the input of that cell.

Typically if the button is inside the repeating group, when you click the button, it makes changes to that cell’s thing. Just wondering how I can do this with one button that saves for all cells in the repeating group instead of having a button in each cell, since that wouldn’t be good for UX.

There’s no simple way to do this… (even to the extent that you might want to reconsider if you really need to do it at all)…

There are various plugins that enable you to access input values inside RGs from the outside…

In vanilla Bubble you can’t access input values inside a RG from outside of it… but you can ‘pass’ those values from inside to outside…

So, what I usually do (to avoid having to rely on plugins), is to create a custom state lists of texts, that relate each input value to it’s parent thing’s unique ID (or cell index, if its not coming from the database), and add and remove those texts anytime the input value is changed.

Then, when the Save button is clicked, send that list of texts to a backend recursive workflow, and make changes to each of the related things accordingly.


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