Saving data from a repeating group

Hello fellow Bubblers,

I am having an issue saving data within a repeating groups. I have several different pages within my app with repeating group data. Most of them have some type of calculation that runs, based on data entered within a row in the group.


What is the best way to save data from within a repeating group? One of my groups has a calculation that runs based on the percentage calculation from each entry in the group. I need to save the data, once all values have been entered, or just re-save after each new entry in the list.

The calculations from within the repeating group need to be saved, to appear on a report that is generated later within the app.

The one workaround I found is to add a “Save” button to each row. However, this is not ideal from a user experience, due to being many rows.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



Hi @swvann - have you looked at using When “An input’s value has changed” to start a Workflow and then have the steps for calculating and Make changes to a Thing? That might work for your scenario.

@nikolai, thank you for that suggetion. I thought about that, but none of inputs from the repeating group show up in the ‘An input’s value is changed’ workflow option. I also don’t have the option to "Start/Edit Workflow’ on the repeating group inputs. Maybe because I have enabled auto-binding?

I was able to find a solution with the new Instant Calculator plugin! It allows an event to be scheduled on ‘completed a calculation’ and allows you to reference the current cell in the repeating group.

Well done @copilot on the new Instant Calculator update, this saved me a lot of headache!!

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