Save single json objects as thing into Bubble

Hello Guys,
do you know some method to saving records into database, as Things, by and API call that return JSON?

My request return something like this:
“winery”: “Maselva”,
“wine”: “Emporda 2012”,
“rating”: {
“average”: “4.9”,
“reviews”: “88 ratings”
“location”: “Spain\n·\nEmpordà”,
“image”: “”,
“id”: 1
“winery”: “Ernesto Ruffo”,
“wine”: “Amarone della Valpolicella Riserva N.V.”,
“rating”: {
“average”: “4.9”,
“reviews”: “75 ratings”
“location”: “Italy\n·\nAmarone della Valpolicella”,
“image”: “”,
“id”: 2

I would like to save in single things for example wine and location field with a single call.

Is it possible?


When you set the API Call in API Connector to DATA and not ACTION, this API Call will be available as a DATA type. So you can create an item with a field set to this Data type like if this was a Bubble DB. You will be able to store all informations from this call into a single field.


Thanks. But I don’t want to store in a single field. I would like store each json field into bubble db but in different records

In this case you need to use Backend WF and schedule on a list

Have you some resource per detailed tutorial for understand better? Please…


Not really but there’s a lot of topics about creating Bubble DB thing from an API List.

Do you really need to save it? Couldn’t you call the api each time and simply save a reference instead? That might make it easier?

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No, I need create a sync then I want to save data in DB.

It’s so strange for me belive that is not possible doing a loop for saving a series of object into the database. Maybe, you know some plugins or method?

You can complete recursion like this both client side and server. You’ll loop through your list and save the current item to the dB each loop moving from item 1 thru to the end.

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Yes, your analysis is right. But I don’t understand how do it on Bubble.

Any idea? :slight_smile:

@gabriele.pecchioli did you ever find a solution for this?