Shorts cut clicks when dealing with conditions

I’m not sure if I missed this in one of the recent mass releases, or if this has always existed, but I learned a couple of very handy short cut clicks this morning that saved me oodles of time when updating many conditionals:

  1. I’ve always known about this one, but just to share if others aren’t: Right click when hovering the expression to paste another expression.

  2. This is the first one I learned this morning: In addition to the expression paste, you can also copy/paste the entire condition by right clicking somewhere within the area where you want to paste the existing condition.

  3. And here’s the real winner: You can have both an existing condition and an existing expression on the clipboard at the same time.

And if you are pasting an expression into somewhere that you have some text you can select whether you want the expression pasted before or after the text. Been there for a while. I always right-click in bubble because there are lots of really useful hidden copy and paste areas that save a ton of time.

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