Save URL as file with "saved to S3" 's "New name" option doesn't change the file name

In a backend workflow, I’m using a URL (text output from an API call) as file (":used as File" option) then saved in Bubble (":saved as S3"). I’m defining a new name in the “:saved as S3” option, but the file is still saved under its original name.

I’m doing exactly the same thing in a usual workflow inside a page (so not in a backend workflow) and in this case, it does save the file with the new name defined in the “:saved as S3” option.

Does anyone have the same issue or see where the issue might come from ?

Thanks !

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Update: what I thought was working in a usual workflow is actually not working, meaning that the file name is note changed despite the new name being defined in the “:saved as S3” option …

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