Saved/Favorites List for Plugins

I keep running into this issue where I see a plugin that I think, “Hot damn, I’m gonna use that soon…”

Then the time comes when I need it but I can’t remember the name of the plugin or who developed it. So I find myself searching the forum or scrolling slowly through the entire list of plugins in the plugin page until hopefully I discover it again.

An easy solution to this would be to add a :star: icon to the plugin page so we can add it to a Favorites list. Then, when we see a plugin that we will have a use case for, we can add it to our Favorites list. When we eventually need it it is right there.

If we could have multiple lists that we could add and customize (i.e. App project 1, App project 2, etc) that would be amazing but I would be very happy with just a single Favorites list for quick reference.

The plugins are already filtered by Types, Categories, etc so this should be a fairly easy function to build.

What say you @Bubble?


+1 nice suggestion. Time has changed, almost 700 plugins!

Also, it starts to take some time to show in the editor (and search mode).

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Exactly! Too many to keep up with easily.

And I’ve noticed the delay as well. It can take 10/15 seconds just to be able to start using the existing filters.

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@eli Thanks for the feedback. Our product team will look into this suggestion.


+1 Here, that’s a great idea

+1 if the list is attached to our bubble account and not to each one of our apps


+1 would be very handy - also noticed there is quite a bit of lag at times when searching or filtering through the plugins list. Agreed, account level would be best.