Saving a List of numbers from two inputs

Hello :slight_smile:

For context, Im trying to build a booking system. Right now I’m trying to set up the option for users to set their weekly availability by using two dropdowns (one for start time and one for closing time). These two dropdowns pull their options from an option set where I have 24 hours worth of 15 minute intervals and each one has an attribute attached which is a number (eg. 7am or 07:00 has the number attribute 29. 18:15 is 74 etc).

I’ve done this so I can keep them in order but what I’m having trouble with is saving a list of the selected start time and the selected end time and each number in between. Without this I don’t know how to get the calendar to show an event for each day that covers these times.

Any tips are greatly appreciated, also I really don’t want to use any paid plugins at this time so Im happy to do things the hard way.

Thank you!

I’m not exactly sure I understand what you’re doing…

But if you just need a list of numbers, the use the List of Numbers element from the ToolBox plugin.