Saving a selection chosen from a repeating group

Hi…I am trying to build an on-demand services app. I want to have somewhere on my app a repeating group displaying categories and when a user clicks on one category they can get to submit a service request. So I have two data types: “Sevice & Category” as shown in the screenshots below.

The first group holding the repeating group is set to Category Data Type and the second group holding the input elements to capture details for the service is set to Service Data Type.

On submitting the service request I want to create a Service “thing”. I am stuck at defining how the category is going to be saved as shown in the workflow screenshot below.

I am a beginner. Am I missing something out or is there a better way of doing this?

Any help will be much appreciated. Links to the editor below.

category data type

service data type

saving category


Hi there, @ekhangati… there are a couple of ways (at least) to do what you are trying to do, and I set up one of those ways in your editor. The way I set it up is by setting the Type of content of the Group Service Details group to Category… then, in the workflow when a category is clicked, I added a step to display the Current Cell's Category in the Group Services Details group… and finally, in the workflow step you show in your screenshot, I set the Service Category equal to the Parent Group's Category.

Another way you could go is to save the selected category in a custom state and then set the Service Category equal to the value of the custom state, but that’s probably not any better or worse than the way I described above.

Hope this helps.


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Thank you @mikeloc it worked like a charm. :ok_hand:

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