Creating a thing in DB off of nested repeating groups current cells input box


Been looking through the forums and watching a bunch of videos, but I am stuck on this and would really appreciate the help!

Scene: Marketplace app that allows customers to post a job and pro’s to bid on it.

Background of issue: When customers post a job, they can select from a list of standard questions that are applicable to their job type. Questions come from an option set. Selected questions are saved as a list in the Job data type.

What I am stuck on: When a pro applys for the job, I have a nested repeating group that lists each question from the list and provides a multiline text input box for the pro to type their answer in. When the pro submits their application, I would like for the questions answer to be written in the DB. How do I save each current cells answer and tie it to the appropriate question?

Current structure: I have a data type specifically for questions and answers. My initial thought was to create a new thing in workflow for each question, but I am having issues telling the workflow to save each cell as a new thing. At best I get a list saved as one thing.

I purchased bdk repeating groups tool, but even with that I am still just getting a list. I have been looking into Workflow APIs/backend workflows, but still cant figure out how to reference each cell individually.

Bottom Line: How do I create a thing in the database off of a nested repeating groups current cells input box, and tie it to the item the repeating group is displaying.

Appreciate the help!

@na811 welcome to the community!

Example dB structure (unrelated to yours but aiming to convey a concept):

Title (text)
Tasks (list of tasks)

Title (text)
Project (project)

1st RG: search for projects

2nd RG (nested inside first RG): current cell project’ tasks

Hey, thanks for warm welcome!

The structure you mentioned is very similar to how I currently have it set up. 1st RG is searching for projects (I have it as Full list, 1 row) and 2nd RGs type of content is Questions, data source being Current cells questions.

My issue is, when a pro goes to submit an application, I need to save in the dB the answer to each question within the 2nd RG and make sure its tied to the correct question. My initial thought was to set the “Submit” button to trigger a workflow that creates a new thing in the dB for each cell, but that does not seem to work. Thanks!

I think I figured it out via BDK RG tools. Basically, I changed the data type fields for questions and answers to be lists. Then, using BDK, i extract a list of questions (Column 1) and list of answers (Column 2), and then in the workflow, I create a new thing (Questions) and set list of questions to be BDK RG data column 1 list, and list of answers, RG data column 2 list. Only concern is the list of answers order being different than list of questions. I will mess around with it and report back.